Friday, December 23, 2011

Martin Luther by Catherine Mackenzie

Martin Luther Little LightsimageMartin Luther Little Lights by Mackenzie Catherine
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I really want my children to learn at young ages about the men and women who have poured out their lives to further the gospel for the generations to come. Martin Luther is one of those heroes of faith and this book is a perfect introduction for my children ages 4, 6, and 8.

It's a picture book and biography combined and it is fun to look at and interesting to read for both young and old. It is a fairly comprehensive overview of his life for such a small book meant for such young minds. I appreciate how it talks not just about his adult ministry, but begins with his childhood, too. This sweet book also includes captions on the picture page that sum up what is being read on the opposite page - kind of a "young reader" phrase that a first grader can read and still understand when browsing the book alone.

I highly recommend this book because it's a delightful short read perfect for any time and any age that brings to light the life of a faithful man after God's own heart.

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