Monday, January 02, 2012

All I Have To Give by Melody Carlson

All I Have to Give: A Christmas Love StoryimageAll I Have to Give: A Christmas Love Story by Melody Carlson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars


Every so often I enjoy a good sentimental story and while this had that element, and also the sweet "Gift of the Magi" twist to it, I finished it feeling frustrated by the lack of depth and the abrupt ending. Some of the main themes in this story were left hanging with out a conclusion. And while I liked the main character and the general storyline, she and others were allowed to get away with behavior that was un-biblical with out consequences. It is a short book filled with emotional tug and some sweet gestures - a quick reading fix - but with out purpose and encouragement. I was able to put the book down with out having been uplifted or challenged in any way. I enjoy Melody Carlson's writing - what was written was good writing - but the overall story is sadly lacking impact. If you want a book that's strictly "Christmasy" and emotional then you might enjoy it, but if you want a story that is going to uplift your heart, too, this is not for you.

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