Friday, October 16, 2009

Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World

There are not many books that give me the jitters as I read them. But this is one of them. There are not many books that I excitedly anticipate writing a review about so that I can share my thoughts with you all. But...this is one of those few.

When I first got my copy of Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World, I thought it would be a hard book to read. I'll be honest with you...the cover is not all that least to me. But out of duty I began to read. Very quickly that duty turned to delight!

I am a wife to a pastor and a mom to 3 children and I will say that living in today's world is very scary. There are days when I listen to the news and fear not only for my own future, but even more so for the future of my children. David Jeremiah does a very thorough job of addressing how we should live in this type of world...full of fear, gloom, insecurity, and doom.

In easy-to-read chapters Dr. Jeremiah walks us through ten thought provoking principles for living life. As I began to read I was overwhelmed with how truly simple and back to the basics these ideas were. The relevance of the Bible came to life through the pen of Dr. Jeremiah and as I read I was filled with a sense of courage and hope for the future.

My copy is now dog-eared and underlined as I internalized the Biblical truth shared in the 235 pages. Some of my favorite quotes are:
"Christian means 'little Christ'. We need to be just like Him, to imitate Him in every way possible so that we could be mistaken for Him."

"As we come together, we are slowly causing each other to conform to His image."

You will greatly enjoy and benefit from digging into these ten topics...
-Stay Calm
-Stay Compassionate
-Stay Constructive
-Stay Challenged
-Stay Connected (My personal favorite!)
-Stay Centered
-Stay Confident
-Stay Consistent
-Stay Committed
-Stay Convinced

Each chapter is full of real life stories that capture your attention and bring home the point of the Biblical truth being shared. The simplicity of the Bible and the way that it can impact our every day life is you excitement about life that is easy to lose sight of in the here and now of today.

I gladly give this book 5 stars and suggest you go buy your copy published by Tommy Nelson as soon as you can! Invest in your future!

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