Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God Is With Me Through The Day/Night

GodDay GodNight

I have yet to meet a child that has never been afraid!

My Abigail is probably among the most fearful.  She get’s it naturally.  I’m a big scaredy cat, too! However, we now own two new resources to help us work through our kid’s night time and day time fears! 

God Is With Me Through The Night and God Is With Me Through The Day are two very adorable books for kids ages 4-7.  Although, my 2 year old loves them, too.   And quite honestly, I enjoy reading them, too!

Each book features cute pictures of animals that will make your children laugh.  And the words are easy to read in their fun and colorful font.  Most importantly the message is easy for children to understand and relate to.  And as the titles says, they are all about God being with us both day and night.

Thank you to Zonderkids for the review copies.

November 17th-24th, 2009:  If you would like to enter a drawing to win a set of these adorable book please join me over at From The Trenches Of Motherhood.

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