Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Life Is Hard by James MacDonald

When Life is Hardimage When Life is Hard by James MacDonald

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No matter if your life is hard or easy or somewhere in between right now, this book is for YOU. As the back cover says: "Find Hope. Right Here. Right now."

I picked up this book to read for review knowing that it would be good, but completely unaware of just how good it would be. James unpacks 4 scripture passages and what they each mean to us when we face various trials - big or small. Not only does this book open up new thoughts and understanding on timeless passages, but it also gives practical ways of applying what you are learning and ideas for processing and dealing with the trials you are or will face.

When Life Is Hard is real and despite the hard subject, this book is refreshing, uplifting, and incredibly challenging in an invigorating way. It is deep stuff explained in simple terms. It is biblical truth in a format that is easy to follow and read. You will be encouraged by this book no matter what you reading level or skills are. James MacDonald ministers to you from personal experience and a relationship with Jesus Christ. This messages hits home no matter where home may be. It is a must-read and must-own for any Christian, but especially for anyone in full-time ministry.  This book is one of the Best Of The Best!

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This book was provided for review courtesy of Moody Publishing. However, the opinions expressed in this review are solely that of the reviewer - Mandy.

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Below is a video clip that James mentions in the book.  Watch it now and you will laugh hysterically when you read about it in the book.  Or bookmark this page and come back and watch it after reading the book.

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You can go to to access more resources and information about this book.  If you want to buy this book you can click on the amazon link below and To Read, Or Not To Read will get a few pennies from your purchase.

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  1. Interesting review. I want to know more about it now! I'm gonna check it out.


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