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Daddy’s Delight by Dr. Karia Bunting {GIVEAWAY!}


Daddy's Delight: Embracing Your Divine Designimage Daddy's Delight: Embracing Your Divine Design by Karia Bunting
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Are you a woman? Young? Old? Single? Married? Widowed? Mother? No kids?

Whatever your phase or stage of life is as a woman this book was written for you. It addresses the topic of Biblical womanhood from a variety of stages in life and is applicable no matter what phase you are going through.

Dr. Karia Bunting talks open and honest about what it means to be a woman and through out this book you will feel like you're having a good ole' conversation with a long time friend. Her style of writing is unique, and while at times it feels a little "flighty", she is truly inspirational and encouraging.

I enjoyed her sense of humor and her continual focus on the importance of what God says in His Word - the Bible. While she doesn't always take a strong stand on every last point, and at times says somethings I don't totally agree with, I still recommend this book and her Bible-based teaching. I think it's important to read this book keeping in mind that each chapter seems to stand alone. While they all are connected to the theme of being the delight of our Heavenly Father as His daughters, they are still each different. In my opinion this book is best read when you read each chapter like a mini book rather than sitting down to read the entire book. (If you even had time to read it in one sitting!)

I hope you read this book and be encouraged to embrace your design as woman!


In Daddy's Delight, Karia Bunting reminds women that they are God's workmanship, His masterpiece, His "poema". That God has intricately woven together every fiber of their being and created each one special and unique. That God, having completed His work of art, gave her to mankind as a gift.

Evident in this great care God took in fashioning woman is the importance and value of each one. So why do so many women struggle with God's design, wishing they could change just this or that one thing about themselves?

Bunting challenges each reader to accept and embrace the fact that, in whatever season of life, she is God's masterpiece-not her own work of art. When God sees her, He sees His beautiful creation. A creation that yes, has some wrinkles needing to be smoothed out and yet, is one in whom is His delight to love to perfection.

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