Friday, October 21, 2011

Reading Priorities List

After reading this book I was inspired to build my own list of reading priorities.  I used Reinke’s basic outline but spent time making it personal.  (You can read his original list here.) 

I also chose a theme and for various reasons “building” seemed like a very appropriate one.  So, without further ado, I present…

* * *

My Reading Priorities:


1 - Foundational Reading: (Scripture)

· Daily Quiet Time Passage

· Daily Bible Reading Plan

· Routine Personal Bible Study


2 - Structural Reading: (My Identity In Christ)

· Gospel-Centered Living Books

· Theology Books


3 - Mechanical Reading: (Spiritual Understanding)

· Topics of Biblical Counseling/Spiritual Growth Issues

· Christian Biographies


4 - Interior Reading: (Personal Growth)

· Personal Growth Books

· Marriage/Parenting/Family Books


5 - Exterior Reading: (Skill Sharpening)

· Books for Pastor’s wives

· Home/Organizational/Time Management Books

· Books on Skills/Hobbies


6 - Finishing Reading: (Wholesome Enjoyment)

· Historical Books

· Secular Biographies

· Biblically Sound Fiction

* * *

Now that I have a list of reading priorities I don’t feel overwhelmed when I open up my book cabinet and decide which book I should read next.  I have a plan and most importantly, a purpose for my reading.  It isn’t just to accomplish a lot of reading, or a contest to see how many books I can read each year, but to build sound thinking and sound habits into my life that ultimately glorify God.

It’s your turn!  Share you reading priorities with me by leaving a comment on this post!

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