Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Really Want To Change

I Really Want to Change... So, Help Me God I Really Want to Change... So, Help Me God by James MacDonald

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"God's Power Can Transform Your Life!" is the tag line on the back of the book. And James MacDonald does a wonderful job of explaining scripture and digging in with you in a way that makes it easy to understand. This book was/is a huge tool in my life for aiding in change in my own life. I want to be growing in my walk with Christ and this gave me and helped me understand the Biblical way to see victory in change rather than just prolonged banging of my head on a brick wall. At the end of each chapter there are great questions and practical application assignments that take reading this book to a new level. I highly recommend reading this after reading the bookGrace Rules Living in the Kingdom of God Where. While at first they seem to be coming at this from 2 different angles, in the end they compliment one another quite nicely for a more balanced look at God's mercy and grace and power in our lives. So stop "trying" and start living!

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