Monday, September 28, 2009

How To Study The Bible

How to Study the Bible How to Study the Bible by John MacArthur Jr.

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I bought this book because I know anything by this author is going to be good. However, I did go into reading this book with the expectation that it would be the nuts and bolts of how to study the Bible; like tips and how-to's of what to do to get the most out of your daily Bible reading. While there were many tips and practical suggestions, this book was way beyond a simple self-help book. Dr. MacArthur digs deep, yet in a simple way, of how to study the Bible. From the why we should study, to the benefits of study, and who can study, along with how we will refer to this book over and over again.

I am ready to jump into studying the Bible with an excitement I have never experienced before due to a new and more in depth understanding of how I can study without spending all day trying to understand.

This book has prompted me to start a new pattern in my daily Bible reading and also helped me understand even better how to use the resources I have to compliment my reading.

Whether you are a veteran of intense Bible Study or a newbie trying to learn the ropes, you will both benefit and enjoy this easy reading book that packs a powerful punch!

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