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Bible Stories For Growing Kids by Francine Rivers & Shannon Rivers Coibion

Featuring Francine Rivers

Bible Stories for Growing Kidsimage Bible Stories for Growing Kids by Francine Rivers

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I'm not even sure if this word is adequate enough to describe my thoughts on this audio book. It is one of the best resources for 4 to 8 year olds I have reviewed.

First of all I love how they tell Bible accounts in a short format with a flair that stays true to the Bible but also makes it come alive. Then they follow up each story with personal application in the "Growing Time" section. Not only are kids learning about well-known and not-so-well-known Bible characters, they are learning how the Word of God effects their own lives.

I can't wait to have my children enjoy this audio book with fantastic narration while they drift to sleep each night. This is a must have for every home with children!   You can listen to a sample by clicking here.


From this gifted mother-daughter team of Francine Rivers and Shannon Rivers Coibion come the Bible stories youll want to share with the growing kids in your life. Meet thirty important people from the Old and New testaments - some of them famous Bible figures like Abraham and Paul, and others unsung heroes like Amos and Priscilla. The stories will capture kids hearts and minds, and the "Growing Time" sections will help them apply the lessons of each story so they can live for God today!

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