Sunday, October 04, 2009

Unveiled: Tamar

Unveiled: Tamar (Lineage of Grace #1) Unveiled: Tamar by Francine Rivers

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In the Bible there are many accounts of lives that are summarized in only a few short verses. It's easy to read them and keep going without giving them much thought. I am not saying that we need to read more into them then is there, but there are times we don't really meditate on the passage to the fullest. Francine Rivers takes a passage like that and turns it into a novel that explores what MIGHT have been. Remember, this is fiction based on a few while the skeleton may be truth, the body of the book is made up based what knowledge there is about that time period. I think this is a great read, and I highly recommend it, but what I don't want it for anyone to approach it as truth through and through. For me, reading this helped me see beyond the cold facts to the the reality of life in those days. I am amazed at the grace and mercy that God showed towards Tamar. I am horrified at what life was like for women in those days. I am awed by the power of God. This story takes a woman we quickly read past and brings her to life. She was not perfect by any means, but God chose to use her for His glory.

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