Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ryken’s Bible Handbook by Ryken, Ryken, & Wilhoit

Ryken's Bible Handbook: Graham. image Ryken's Bible Handbook: Graham. by Leland Ryken

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This book gives students of the Bible a quick overview of every book in the Bible. Leland Ryken's distinctive trait is a literary approach to the Bible--understanding the Bible as literature. The three authors help shed light on understanding the Bible as the inspired Word of God and as literature by looking at the Bible's different literary genres: poetry, narrative, wisdom literature, story, parables, and more.


Can you say "amazing"?

This is the word I would use to describe this wonderful book known as Ryken's Bible Handbook. All 630 plus pages of this handbook are full of facts, insights, perspectives, colorful maps, articles, charts, and many other resources that will aid you in understanding each book of the Bible. It starts with an introduction to the Bible as a whole and how we got what we have. Then it takes each book of the Bible and gives an overview with elements such as:

  • Key Doctrines
  • Key Characters
  • Tips for Reading or Teaching the particular book
  • Applying the Book
  • The Challenges of The Book
  • The Implied Audience
  • Things to Look for
  • And so much more...

I was also very impressed with the simple, yet extremely helpful, maps and charts in the back of this book that are in full color. This section includes current maps as well as OT and NT maps, a time line, guide to the temple, and several more.

The Ryken's Bible Handbook is a resource that I would highly recommend you buy and place within arms reach of where you study your will quickly become a favorite!

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers.

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