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Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson

image Growing Grateful Kids Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson

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Even when economic times are tight, our children enjoy an abundance of material possessions. Yet, amidst all this wealth, discontentment and competition seem to be on the rise. Instead of teaching children virtues such as gratefulness and patience, many parents are bending over backwards to get their children the latest and greatest item - or feeling guilty when they can’t. With the currents of materialism and entitlement flowing so strong, how do we raise kids who are simply thankful?

With simple language, interesting anecdotes, and biblical applications, Susie Larson helps readers understand that although teaching perspective and gratitude to our children is critical, it is not difficult.


Growing Grateful Kids is amazing! Susie has written a parenting book that breaks the mold on traditional parenting books with it's approach that you can't give what you don't have. This 236 page book not only gives biblical advice and direction on how to raise your children, but points out ways to implement godly perspective and character in your own life. Each of the 16 chapters is followed be a "personal application" and a "parental application" section that will help you to apply the truth of what you just read.

I was personally blessed by Susie's humble and real life manner and examples. Her writing addresses issues such as grace, humility, wisdom, contentment, compassion, forgiveness - and more - with deep biblical truth presented in an easy-to-understand format. I was convicted with every chapter and encouraged with each turn of the page. The focus is not about what to-do, or not-to-do, instead the focus is on the Word of God, the life of Chris,t and what that means to our daily lives as parents.

This book should be a must-read for all parents at any stage of the game. You will be encouraged and blessed, challenged and refreshed! There are not many books I give a 5-star rating to, but this is one of them! It is worth investing in your own copy so that you can dog-ear and underline important truths that will bring inspiration each time you browse through this book again.

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