Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not A Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols Review

Not a Sparrow Falls Not a Sparrow Falls by Linda Nichols

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Mary is scared and in over her head. Not knowing where to turn, she escapes, however the freedom she finds is only partial as she is haunted by the sins of her past. It isn't until she reaches out to a troubled young girl from a family stricken with pain that she begins to piece her disjointed life back together and in doing so learns what it means to love again. In Linda Nichols book, Not a Sparrow Falls Mary Washburn leaves behind her given name and assimilates to the name of her mother, Bridget--Bridie for short. Follow Bridie on her emotionally charged journey to save a young girl and in doing so, save herself.

I applaud Linda Nichols for her work on Not A Sparrow Falls. So many authors shy away from topics such as drugs, alcohol abuse, and suicide, but Nichols broached them with sincerity and truth. She portrayed the dangers of substance abuse and the lifelong impact with great clarity and truth while not crossing any descriptive lines that could compromise the integrity of the reader. At the heart of it all is Christ's redeeming power, the love of Christ for those whom have sinned beyond what they believe he could forgive and lastly, the power of prayer. I could easily recommend this book to any of my friends and be confident that they would enjoy it!

Thank you to Bethany House Publishers for providing this copy of Not A Sparrow Falls for review purposes.

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