Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read More, Save Money

Yes, it is possible to actually save money while reading more.  To avid book lovers, who understand that a person can “blow” $10 to $20 in one afternoon read, this is really good news!

Here are several options for saving money while reading more good books!

OPTION 1:  Read Reviews

You can save money by first investing a few moments in checking out reviews of a particular book you want to read.  After reading the opinions of others who have already read that book you may find that you don’t want to read it after all.  Or perhaps now you are even more excited about reading that book!  Most online sites offer a review section for each of their products and there are also many blogs – like this one! – that can be a valuable resource for determining what you really want to read.

OPTION 2:  The Library

One of the best inventions – according to me! – has been the public library system.  This is a wonderful way to have access to thousands upon thousands of book for no cost at all.  Well…that is as long as you return your books on time!  This is a great way to afford reading for both you and your family.

OPTION 3: Book Swapping Websites

One of the neat things about the world wide web is that you can interact with people that otherwise would be impossible.  And there are multiple sites that allow you to do this all through swapping books.  These options do cost some money for mailing, but it is significantly less than buying new.  There are multiple options to choose from:

  • – This site offers a free membership and swapping of all books – paperback, hard cover, & audio.  By listing 10 books that you own and want to swap, you can get 2 free credits.  The set-up is that you swap a book for a credit that you can then use to request a book from someone else.  When a book is requested from you it is up to you to mail it and pay the shipping to do so.  This is usually around $2.38, but flexes depending on the weight.  After the book is received you get a credit to use in requesting a book for yourself.  You can create a wish list for books that are not currently available and you will be automatically notified when they become so.
  • –  On this site you can exchange books, CDs, DVDs, & video games all on the same website.  In other words you can swap a video game for a book or any other swap combination.  The difference with this site is that you actually trade with someone rather than get a credit.  You list what you have and  then list what you want and the website will match you with someone who has what you want and wants what you have.
  • – This site is set up like but the difference being that you pay to receive rather then send out.  It’s also set up using a point system.  However, the offer swapping for both books and DVD's.
  • – This is yet another site dedicated to swapping books.  You only pay  to mail the book someone has requested from you.  However, there is a point system and you need to be swapping one of your books for every two that you receive to stay an active member.

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