Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just Like You by Marla Konrad

Just Like You: Beautiful Babies Around the World image Just Like You: Beautiful Babies Around the World by Marla Konrad

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Just Like You is a beautiful way to teach your children about how much you love them and about life around the world. This tender tale looks at how much your child was loved when he/she was born and how much other Mothers around the world - in places like Australia, China, South Africa, and Egypt - love their children, too. The illustrations are soft, comforting, and tenderly life-like.

I enjoyed reading this book to my children and looking at the pictures of other lands and learning about the different ways other families care for their little ones. My children were intrigued by the various kinds of clothes and climates and were fascinated by the fact that on the same day they were born so was someone else in some other place.

This is a lovely story to read to your children and while recommended for children 4 to 7 year of age, both younger and older children most likely will enjoy this storybook being read to them.

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Thanks to Zondervan for the courtesy copy for review.

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