Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Resources For The Road

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Do you have a family road trip coming up? 

Or any kind of trip – by plane, boat, train, or any other mode of transportation?

As a Mom of 3 kids, and one who travels frequently to visit family, I know all about those bonding moments known as family road trips.

In fact, my oldest has been traveling since she was three weeks old, my middle child since she was 2 days old, and my youngest since he was a month old.  While our trips are usually only three hours long, anyone with little children knows this is a long time for a child to remain strapped in to the same seat.  And if you hit any construction the trip immediately becomes longer – which for us is common place in our trips.

We have learned that being prepared is key and one great preparation is the portable DVD player.  However, as the kids have gotten older we seldom use it and instead have them listen to things…such as Adventures in Odyssey CDs or audio books.  It’s easier on me (I don’t have to turn around in my seat to change the DVD) and for the most part it is something we can enjoy as parents along with our kids.

OasisAudioLogo So I am excited to share with you my upcoming post series – Resources For The Road – that is being sponsored by Oasis Audio.  From May 31st through June 5th I will be featuring audio books and other resources that make for great road trips as families.  My target age is going to be for the ages 6 & up, but I’ll throw in a few items for you that will appeal to the younger ages as well.

I hope you will mark your calendar and plan to join me each day for that week to read about resources and ideas to keep your family road trip a bonding experience rather than a hair-pulling one!

Oh, and maybe there will be a giveaway…or two…you just never know!

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