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What Happened to My Life? by Danna Demetre

What Happened to My Life?: Finding New Passion, Purpose, and Joy image What Happened to My Life?: Finding New Passion, Purpose, and Joy by Danna Demetre

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What Happened To My Life? is a book that will help women find new passion, purpose, and joy in their life. Danna Demetre knows what it is like to be searching for those three things and now she is helping others to find it through this book and the included 40 day devotional.

I appreciated the honesty and vulnerability with which Danna wrote. She not only wrote about some important things, but openly shared how her own life has been changed. Encouraging doesn't even seem to begin to cover the refreshing content of this book! It is biblical, applicable, and helpful.

My favorite part of the book was the message she wove through the whole book about the importance of what we are feeding our minds. Danna excellently explains the power of scripture to change your life by transforming your mind. She does not give "just another program" but rather real answers for life change.

The 40 day devotional is simple to use for any woman at any stage of life. While the devotional thought is different each day, the application section keeps the same thread going through all 40 days to help you keep building as you establish new changes. It is easy to use and highly effective in being a tool to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Whether you choose to do the 40 day devotional or not, the first 2 sections of this book are easy to read and wonderfully helpful, uplifting, and comforting. This book is a must-read in part or in entirety.


Though they may not voice their frustrations aloud, many women are faced with the aching feeling that their lives have fallen short of their hopes and dreams. Instead of joy and celebration, they seem filled more with frustration and heartbreak. ‘What happened to my life?’ they ask with disappointment.

Danna Demetre, popular conference and motivational speaker, knows that this scenario is all too common in the lives of women today. Many are reeling from broken relationships, unfulfilling careers and other personal disappointments, leaving them feeling discontent and empty. That’s why Demetre, also an accomplished author, has released her latest book, What Happened to My Life?, where she helps readers discover authentic and lasting joy—despite the dispiriting circumstances they may face.

What Happened to My Life? is a 40-day journey that teaches readers a few simple yet transforming life habits that will help them discover the joy and passion that God has in store for their lives. With daily devotionals and thought-provoking questions, readers will learn to break the cycle of discontentment.

As readers work their way through Demetre’s 40-day journey to joy, they will learn:

  • How to fight discontentment in every situation
  • What the Bible says about discontentment
  • How to “walk in the Spirit” and rely on God's strength for joy that will last
  • How other women have changed their lives using these principles

Demetre invites women to “Join me on a journey to discover the one thing worth pursuing, to implement a few simple yet transforming life habits, and to realize the incredible life God has for those who love him.”

Whether dealing with a life crisis or simply feeling that life is not all they'd hoped for, readers will find that this new book will help them discover authentic contentment and joy, regardless of their circumstances. And it will help them transition from simply surviving to truly thriving once again.


Danna Demetre is an author and popular conference and retreat speaker. She is the president and founder of Women of Purpose, an evangelistic outreach ministry. Danna lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, Lew, and adopted 13 year-old grandson, Jesse. They also have three grown children and are expecting a new grandchild.

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This review book was provided courtesy of Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, and is available at your favorite book store starting in May 2010.

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  1. Oh, I'm excited about this one! I could use a book like this right now...I'm going to go see if I can purchase it! Thanks for another great review!


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