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Be Compassionate by Warren W. Wiersbe

Be Compassionate (Luke 1-13): Let the World Know That Jesus Cares (The BE Series Commentary) image Be Compassionate by Warren W. Wiersbe

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Be Compassionate is a commentary that has the feel of a book. Yes, yes! I know all commentaries ARE books. But a "normal" commentary you don't sit down and read straight through. Well unless you are not "normal"! However, Wiersbe's updated "Be" series can be read through like you would do with most books.

Not only can you read this book chapter-by-chapter, but there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter for group or personal dialogue to help you connect with and digest what you just read.

I enjoyed Wiersbe's verse-by-verse commentary in a story like presentation. You are not reading a small tid-bit on each verse, but rather being pulled into the big picture while learning about each individual verse.

Wiersbe's Be Compassionate will make a great addition to the library of any person, young or old.


The twenty-first century Christian faces unique and disturbing moral challenges that demand a great degree of Biblical wisdom and understanding in order to successfully defeat a tireless enemy. With greater and faster technology bombarding lives with an ever darkening array of moral depravity, it is essential that Christians be able to discern the enemy’s attack and answer God’s call to share truth and light both responsibly and dependably. Dr. Warren Wiersbe’s “Be” series is filled with the timeless truths of God’s Word, and his books will adequately equip today’s believers with the tools they need to reach a world in desperate need of an eternal hope.

David C Cook’s latest additions to the revised “Be” series include insightful introductions by Ken Bough, updated content for today’s readers, as well as new study questions for each chapter. Each of these expositional commentaries incorporate material from Dr. Wiersbe’s “Be” series into a small group Bible study format and focus on a specific book of the Bible. This effectively updated series of books incorporates topics as they were originally presented in the “Be” books.

Be Compassionate: Let the World Know That Jesus Cares uses the first thirteen chapters of Luke to explore the believer’s responsibility to tell the world that Jesus cares about them in a very personal way. (ISBN 978-1-4347-6502-4/softcover/185 pages/$12.99/July 2010)

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This review copy was provided by The B&B Media group in connection with David C. Cook. All opinions expressed are my own.

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