Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Jesus Movie: Read & Share DVD Bible

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image My Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


This is 80 minutes of entertainment and teaching based on the life of Christ.  It is a good overview of the life of Christ in a format that kids – specifically ages 3 to 6 – will enjoy.  The cartoon style will capture their attention and the story format of the movie – vs telling of events – will draw them in.

I like the way that the Read & Share Bible series puts things on a child’s level.  However the only draw back I have is that some of the stories are added to.  They take a few verses and use them to create a story board for the DVD.  While I do not have a problem with thinking about what it might have been like back then, I also think it’s important that we – especially young children – don’t get fiction confused with fact.  This is not necessarily a “don’t watch”, but rather a “watch with discernment”.  Used in the proper context – personally I say not in a church setting – it would make for a great way to read the Biblical passage – or portion thereof – and then watch the story acted out on this sweetly animated DVD.


Based on the art style of the Read and Share® Bible, The Jesus Movie transports children to Nazareth for the story of Jesus’ birth, follows his life and miracles along the shores of Lake Galilee and ends in Jerusalem with his arrest, crucifixion and resurrection—all in one dramatic 80-minute movie. The excitement and joy of Jesus’ life, the danger and conflict with the Pharisees, the challenge and growth of the disciples—it’s all here in a simple, straightforward narrative.

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This review DVD was provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson but the opinions expressed are my own.

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