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Embracing Your Freedom by Susie Larson

imageEmbracing your FreedomEmbracing your Freedom by Susie Larson
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I requested to review this book because after reading other books by Susie I have come to appreciate and respect her writing. So while I didn't really know what the book was about until I began reading it, I walked away overwhelmed once again by God's amazing love and grace in our lives.

Embracing Your Freedom walks you down a path of getting a better understanding for God's heart for justice and how we can experience His gift of freedom no matter what our circumstances are. I really liked how this book is not just another social justice book - not like that is a bad thing - but it is a book that takes you much deeper than just physical freedom around the world to spiritual freedom in every woman's life - especially the reader. This book will soften your heart toward the plight of many who suffer and encourage you to make the most of the freedom you do have. It goes beyond motivating you to challenging you personally. When a book can take a big picture and connect it to your small part of that picture it means the author has done his/her job. In this case, Susie had done a phenomenal job of writing this book!


While our culture places great emphasis on comfort, security, control, and success, there are deeper rewards for those who take hold of God's promises and who thus reach out in the Name of Christ. Adventure, faith, miracles, and a deep knowledge of Jesus Christ: this is what Susie calls her readers to realize.

Author/speaker Susie Larson makes her message accessible and doable. Her stories, scriptural devotionals, and study questions set the stage for a first-hand experience of God's heart for personal freedom, for the plight of the suffering, and for a conviction to get involved with His work among those in need. While the book's primary focus is on the reader's journey into freedom, it clearly conveys our shared responsibility to "seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, [and] plead for the widow" (Isaiah 1:17, NRSV). This is God's expectation for those who truly know Him.

Each chapter includes devotional insights, justice quotes, anecdotes, prayer guidance, and study/reflective questions.  Here is a link to another review of this book.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Moody Publishers but the opinion expressed is my own and was in no way compensated or affected by the publisher.

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