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A Woman / Man After God’s Own Heart by Jim & Elizabeth George

Welcome to Day 5 of the After God’s Own Heart post series!

A Woman After God's Own Heart®imageA Woman After God's Own Heart® by Elizabeth George
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This is a "must-read" for any and every woman. Elizabeth digs into Biblical truth and shares practical application for our every day lives. She is sweet, kind, and encouraging all the while gently prodding each woman to be a woman after the heart of God.

I enjoy Elizabeth's organized approach and kind, yet direct manner as she shares from the Word of God and from her own life. While I really appreciated and enjoyed the original release, I think that in this updated version she has mellowed a bit and it may be easier for more and more woman to read and enjoy. I like the easy reading and then the study guide portion that helps you think through what you just read - it's a great combination for aiding in spiritual growth.

I personally think this book can be used in just about any setting - individually, one-on-one, group Bible study, and even hand-in-hand with the teen version for a Mother/Daughter study.


A new cover and fresh updates enrich Elizabeth George’s bestselling A Woman After God’s Own Heart® (over 735,000 copies sold). This very popular selection for personal and group study is filled with rich advice, spiritual wisdom, and practical applications.

With passion and personality, Elizabeth George shares how a woman can follow God and seek His heart in every area of her life—

* her husband
* her children
* her home
* her walk with the Lord
* her ministry

There is peace and purpose for the woman who prepares her heart and mind to embrace God’s plan every day. This new look will complement the other bestselling Elizabeth George titles loved by millions of women.

* * * * *

A Man After God's Own Heart: Devoting Your Life to What Really MattersimageA Man After God's Own Heart: Devoting Your Life to What Really Matters by Jim George
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Biblical. Accurate. Basic. Practical. Challenging. Convicting. Uplifting.

These are just a few words I would use to describe this book that every man should read. It will take a man at any place in life back to the basics of his relationship with the Lord and how the Word of God can be fleshed out in his own everyday life.


As a devoted Christian, passionate speaker, and prolific author, Jim George has taught, trained, counseled, and mentored men from all walks of life. He brings more than 25 years of ministry to this bestselling book (more than 110,000 sold), now rereleased with a helpful study guide and new cover. In it he explains that a man’s heartfelt desire to grow spiritually is all that’s needed— God’s grace does the rest. The reader will find instruction and be encouraged to make lasting changes to his:

* Marriage—leading, loving, and protecting his wife God’s way
* Work—cultivating attitudes and actions that make a difference
* Witness—putting God on display in his life and words

Within this book, men are invited to embark on a journey toward greater growth and maturity; to make giant strides toward truly becoming a man after God’s own heart.
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  1. A Women after God's own Heart is one of my all time FAVORITE books! The truths spoken in that book taught me things I needed to know as a wife and mother! :)


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