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A Wife/Husband After God’s Own Heart by Jim & Elizabeth George

Welcome to Day 6 of the After God’s Own Heart post series!

A Wife After God's Own Heart: 12 Things That Really Matter in Your MarriageimageimageA Wife After God's Own Heart: 12 Things That Really Matter in Your Marriage by Elizabeth George
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In these more specific books, Jim and Elizabeth George dig deeper into what being a Biblical husband and wife really mean and looks like. I enjoy their honest yet considerate and respectful approach to the wide variety of issues in marriage as they pertain to each the role. They are gentle yet firm and stas true to the Word of God.

I personally liked how these books were basic yet broad at the same time. They were also deep yet easy to understand and apply as well. They push spiritual growth based on the truth - the Bible.

Both of these books are great to be used on an individual basis, in counseling/mentoring situations, as group studies, and as a couple. They would also make some great pre-marital or newlywed counseling material to work through.



One secret to marital bliss is for a wife to love her husband the way God designed for her to love him—even with his shortcomings. God hasn’t called a woman to change her husband, but to focus on her calling as a wife. And the rewards for doing so are rich! Elizabeth provides valuable and practical insights on 12 key areas of a marriage, including...

* What it means to be a husband’s helper
* What submission is and isn’t
* Nurturing joy in your home and family
* Excelling in your work...and making time for fun as a couple!

This book can be used alongside A Husband After God’s Own Heart, or as a stand–alone volume.


The closer a husband is to God, the closer he will grow to his wife. That’s why it’s so vital for husbands to pursue God’s heart and get to know His perfect design for the man’s role in the marriage relationship. Husbands will find their marriages growing richer and deeper as they discover how to...

* win a wife’s heart through loving leadership
* enjoy better communication through careful listening
* build a happier home through wise guidance
* encourage the family’s spiritual growth by example
* excel at a career without sacrificing family priorities

Jim George addresses 12 areas of a husband’s life, providing men with powerful and practical applications for becoming a husband after God’s own heart. Includes a helpful study guide.

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