Monday, April 11, 2011

Parent’s Guide to the Spiritual Mentoring of Teens

Parents' Guide to the Spiritual Mentoring of Teens (Heritage Builders)imageParents' Guide to the Spiritual Mentoring of Teens by Jim Weidmann
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This is a very full, very comprehensive look at mentoring a teen spiritually which as a result will overflow into every aspect of their lives. It's broken into five sections - Vision, Relationship, Discipling, Success, and Conclusion - and is rather daunting to read. However, the reading is easy and enjoyable and most definitely practical. While I appreciated this book very much, there is a lot of it that is really just a reminder of common sense parenting for those of us raised in solid Christian homes. It's a great reference tool, but I think that most people may want something with a little more meat to chew on. Or in the least, combine it with another book such as Age of Opportunity or Sacred Parenting.

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