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Forever After by Deborah Raney

Forever After (Hanover Falls, #2)imageForever After by Deborah Raney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is the sequel to Almost Forever yet this second book can be read without having read the first and still be enjoyable. It follows the characters of the first, but digs deeper into other characters that were just mentioned in the first book.

I really liked the story and was quickly engaged in the book. It's great story line that is sprinkled with some suspense, romance, tension, a hint of mystery, and a lot of spiritual truth. This book picks up the theme of forgiveness found in Almost Forever and weaves in new themes of contentment and joy. You will find that the story line is fresh, the characters are true to life, and the content wholesome. I enjoyed this is a relaxing read and I'm sure you will, too. Deborah has a fabulous writing style that will make you want to read more books by her - and she has plenty to offer! The only weakness that I found was that the ending seemed rushed a bit and it felt like there could have been more depth to how things happened - seemed a bit too tidy. However, it is still a great book to read for change of pace in heavy reading or a day off to relax. And the challenges that Jenna - the main character - faces will encourage and challenge you in your own walk with God.


Jenna Morgan mourned the loss of her husband, Zach, in the fire that destroyed the Hanover Falls homeless shelter and claimed the lives of three other firefighters. A year later, her ability to keep up the charade of prosperity she and Zach lived is at an end. Even with financial help from Zach's parents, she can't make the mortgage and credit card payments. But Jenna Morgan refuses to go back to the trailer home life from which she escaped. She's come so far. She just can't go back to that.

Lucas Vermontez has endured physical therapy for a year, but the legs crushed while he fought the homeless shelter fire are nowhere near 100% yet. Will his dream of returning to the fire station ever become reality? And can he conquer these feelings he has for his best buddy's widow?

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