Friday, June 17, 2011

Real {Fast} Food by Trina Holden GIVEAWAY!

imageimageReal {Fast} Food is a how-to book, inspirational read, and cookbook all rolled up into 58 pages.  I was able to read it in about 2 hours, so it’s a quick read as well.  It is a how-to book because Trina walks you through simple and clear steps to making your own food and cooking month by month.  It is inspirational because Trina’s enthusiasm is oozing out of this book and even those of us who feel pretty overwhelmed by the whole subject find ourselves jumping up and down in excitement by the time we turn the last page.  And lastly it’s a cookbook because it is full of wonderful, drool producing recipes!

Real {Fast} Food is an e-book that can be purchased here and makes the overwhelming task of planning meals for a month – and healthy ones, too! – achievable through simple steps.  Actually, Trina makes it so simple that there may be a few places you have questions if you have never read or thought about planning meals ahead for an entire month.  However, Trina is also easily accessible to contact via twitter or facebook or her blog for you to hit up with any questions you might have.

The one thing I really appreciated about this book – besides the whole thing! – is that you can easily customize the basic idea/plan to fit your life right now.  Maybe like me, you are not going to do the whole thing, but this book was still very helpful in making a plan for healthier meals.  Although as Trina reminded me, you can jump in head first, too, and do the whole plan!  Trina  has taken the work out of finding healthy alternatives and put everything right at your fingertips for getting started in the healthy meal planning.  As you get your feet wet she provides you the framework for experimenting on your own and adding in your own healthy recipes.

You can buy this book HERE!

Because I love this book and because Trina is so generous, I get to give a copy of this e-book away here at To Read, Or Not To Read!  So on your mark, get set,…..GO!

Leave a comment and you’ll be entered in the giveaway!  You can also leave a comment over on my Facebook page for an entry and if you share a link to this page through Facebook, twitter, or e-mail, leave a 2nd comment stating that you did and get a 2nd entry to the drawing!

A winner will be drawn on Monday.  Hurry and enter!

And the winner is Jody C!  Congrats!


  1. Sounds like a great book!!! I always have the best intentions for healthy meals and planning for a whole month but don't very often follow through with it. I'd love to read this an get some motivation!!! Jody C.

  2. Look fantastic! I am super-overwhelmed by the whole meal planning thing when trying to make it healthy, so I definitely could use this book! =)
    Jenn Depue

  3. Looks very cool, Mandy....I'd love a copy!

  4. Sounds very good to me. I'd like to read it.


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