Monday, October 03, 2011

Reading Priorities

imageDo you have priorities for your reading?




Not sure what that even means?

I’ll go first.  Yes, I do.  And no, I don’t.

Not very clear, eh?!

Exactly….that’s how clear mine are!

Okay, so you see…In my head I have a list of sorts that helps me decide what to read and when and over the years I have also gotten into my own little groove of how I decide what books to read and what book to not read.  However, I have never sat down and put all those mental notes into black and white writing.  And…{gasp!}…in all honesty, I don’t think I have even ever thought about doing that!  My obsession with lists and making lists is now feeling guilty for having never even thought about such a thing!  {giggle}

Seriously, while I have not thought about it or done it – yet! – I found someone who has and has done it very well.  So I hope that you will click as fast as your little finger allows and read this fabulous article on priorities in reading.  And while you are doing that, I just might write up my own little black and white list of reading priorities.

And I will be sure to share if I do! Smile

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