Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Five Love Languages Of Children

The Five Love Languages of Children The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

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Several years ago I read the original "Five Love Languages" and that lead me to read this version aimed at our children. I enjoyed this read for the simple and easy read with lots of examples and the pracitcal application. Some of the things I gleaned from this book were:

-Let the phrase "I love you" stand alone. Don't add "but", "and", or "if".

-Make an effort to hug the kids at "routine" times each day like always when the get up in the morning and/or when they leave for school.

-Praise them often...look for things to praise them for.

-Put notes in their lunch bags.

-Plan to spend time with the kids each morning before beginning my morning routine. (for kids at home.)

-Make the most of the random times I'm alone one-on-one with a child.

-Bedtime routines are importan to develop good communication for the later years of their life.

-Make as much eye contact as possible with a child.

-Schedule time with your children into your calendar just like I do anyone else.

-Make their everyday needs into special gifts.

-Help my children often.

-Practice hospitality as a family.

The 5 tips to discovering your child's primary love language was very helpful and I enjoyed their list of choices to use with a 5 to 10 year old. (I'm sure I will like the other ones, too, when my kids are those ages!)

The only caution I give is that this book takes on some secular theory (integration) that I don't agree with. However, if you read with discernment (specifically in the last few chapters on parenting) ti's a good book. I think the important thing here is balance and that the core of this book is a great supplement to a book like Shepherding A Child's Heart.

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