Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Grace Walk

Grace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in The Christian Life Grace Walk: What You've Always Wanted in The Christian Life by Steve McVey

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For my almost 24 years of salvation I have been walking around trying to please God with all that I do, say, and think. While I never would have admitted that I was trying to earn his approval, my actions and behavior boiled down to that. I understood that grace meant receiving something you don't deserve and that grace is what God gave me when He gave me salvation, but never had I truly grasped the fact that each day I am walkinging in His grace. This book and Steve's other book titled Grace Rules Living in the Kingdom of God Where have changed my thinking and understanding about grace in ways that will forever impact my life, my marriage, and my parenting...not to mention all my other relationships.

I have many favorite quotes from this book and my copy of it is dog-eared and underlined over and over. On page 88 Steve says: "It is impossible for you to fulfill the law. If you really want to live a godly lifestyle, the focus of your life must be Him. Not church, not religious activity, not a moral lifestyle, not obeying His commands. Just Him!"

If you are tired and weary in your Christian walk then this book is a good one for you to read. You will be challenged to take your focus off of your checklist, rules, and moral code, and challenged to turn your eyes on Christ and focus on your relationship with Him. "Any person whose Christian life is centered on service is doomed to a life of frustration." (page 95)

Grab your Bible and a copy of Grace Walk and learn about the true freedom of God's grace!

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