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The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 1&2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon: It’s Always Too Soon to Quit by Warren W. Wiersbe

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon: It's Always Too Soon to Quit! The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon: It's Always Too Soon to Quit! by Warren W. Wiersbe

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Finding good small group material can be tricky. Some studies look slick on the outside but lack the kind of depth that can help the group move from a social gathering to a place of spiritual intimacy. Other studies focus so heavily on information and detail that relational connection is an afterthought. More than ever there is a need for a balanced study guide that combines community building with in-depth Bible knowledge. Thankfully, both of these priorities can be made clear to your group with the help of one of the most influential, in-depth, and relational Bible scholars in modern history.

A man who has given his life to a deep examination of the Word of God, Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe is an internationally known Bible teacher, former pastor of The Moody Church in Chicago, and the author of more than 150 books. For over thirty years, millions have come to rely on the timeless wisdom of Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s “Be” Commentary series. Dr. Wiersbe’s commentary and insights on Scripture have helped readers understand and apply God’s Word with the goal of life transformation. Dubbed by many as the “pastor’s pastor,” Dr. Wiersbe skillfully weaves Scripture with historical explanations and thought-provoking questions, communicating the Word in such a way that the masses grasp its relevance for today.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series will incorporate material from Warren’s popular series of expositional commentaries (known as the “Be Books”) into a small group Bible study format, consisting of a Bible book introduction, tips for small group study, self-introspective questions, and practical application. The studies will be Bible book specific and follow along with certain topics respective of how they are presented in the “Be Books.” The studies will not overshadow the actual commentary but instead give the reader just enough of a sampling of Wiersbe’s enduring wisdom that he will want to go out and read the rest of what Wiersbe has written.


When I first looked at this book, I was doubtful of how well it could cover four books of the New Testament in only 8 lessons. However, I was proven wrong as I began to read this very simple, yet deep Bible study guide. Whether you use this book in a small group or alone, as long as you have your Bible and a pen, you will find yourself drawn into this extremely meaningful and practical study of 1&2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon. I appreciated the simple approach Wiersbe uses and the very easy-to-use format it has while being thorough and challenging. Most likely you could work through it in half-an-hour alone, or 1 hour to 90 minutes in a small group. It has a very unique blend of study questions, Bible passages, and easy to understand commentary excerpts. Any person, from teen to senior citizen, would benefit from this study and it's comprehensive study of each of these four books of the Bible.


ISBN: 978-1-4347-6510-9
Softcover / 127 Pages / $8.99
Published by David C. Cook

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