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Cole…I Love You to the Moon and Back: How you can help

Cancer will not break us...

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Yesterday I posted my personal review of the audio version of Cole…I Love You to the Moon and Back.  It is the story of a 3-year-old boy and his 8 week battle with cancer.  It is the story of young parents with another young child and one on the way at that time and how they pressed on through the loss of a child.

The audio book is read by Cole’s Father, Aaron Dean Ruotsala, and it details their highs and lows, their joy and sorrow, and God’s faithfulness to them in one of the deepest valleys of life.  It’s not only Cole’s legacy, but it is also proof of how God used people they did not even know to encourage them and help them through the dark trial of loosing their firstborn to childhood cancer.

The Ruotsala’s have begun a foundation titled C.O.L.E.’s Foundation.  This stands for: Caring Openly Loving Eternally.  Their mission statement is to:

1)  To create public awareness regarding children with cancer.
2)  To provide outreach, support and encouragement to their families.
3)  To advocate for research to find a cure.

I want to encourage you to visit their website to see what you can do to support others going through some of the toughest days or their lives.  Visit www.colesfoundation.com for more information on how you can help and to see the legacy that Cole has left behind.

I want to leave you with one thought….

What would you want if you were the one with a sick child?

Take a moment to watch these videos.

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