Monday, March 01, 2010

Cole…I Love You to the Moon and Back: A Family’s Journey with Childhood Cancer, by Aaron Dean Ruotsala

Cole...I Love You to the Moon and Back: A Family's Journey with Childhood Cancer My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have wondered how I would handle being told my child is sick. Very sick. In listening to this audio version of the book Cole...I Love You to the Moon and Back, I can only hope that I would respond with the same amount of love, praise, and faith with which the Ruotsala family did.

This book walks you through 8 weeks of life as a young family battles terminal cancer in their oldest child - three-year-old Cole. Despite the incredible pain of loosing a child they praised God for His strength and His faithfulness to them in what has to be one of the most painful trials of life. Their testimony brings such glory to God and of His love for us.

God knew the number of days that Cole's life would last and He used those few fleeting years to touch lives in more ways than many of us adults can even dream of doing. Sometimes the biggest blessings come in the smallest of packages.

While it is a sad story, it is also an amazing story to read and was such a comfort and encouragement to me. It helped me look beyond my own plans for life and remember to live in the moment...the hear and now...for tomorrow has no guarantees.

Cole...I Love You to the Moon and Back is written by Aaron Ruotsala, the father of Cole, and is a great way to adjust and re-focus your perspective on what it truly important in life. Their story of joy and pain will inspire you to live for Christ and to love those around you. You may shed a tear or two...but you will also walk away with hope.

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