Friday, April 09, 2010

I Love God’s Green Earth by Michael & Caroline Carrol

I Love God's Green Earth: Devotions for Kids Who Want to Take Care of God's Creation image I Love God's Green Earth: Devotions for Kids Who Want to Take Care of God's Creation by Michael Carroll


I Love God's Green Earth is a unique devotional for kids ages 6 and up. And of course the parents who read it to their children will enjoy it, too. I appreciated the simplicity of the devotional format (only 2 short pages each day) and the variety in each day. Each day's devotional includes a great devotional thought based on a passage of scripture, some application steps and tips, fun facts or jokes, and a story or paragraph about a current "green" topic that coordinates with the theme of the day. While I can't say that I "loved" everything about the book, I would say that it was a fair mix of showing respect for God's creation and spiritual application. I personally thought this book was a neat resource for those who want to teach their children more about caring for the earth from a Biblical point of view.

Our family will try to make an attempt to watch our garbage output and show respect by picking up garbage that we see laying around.  What will this book encourage your kids to do?


Kids love working on practical projects to help take care of the Earth; they are often the family’s biggest proponents of recycling. This book will attract those eco-friendly kids and teach them how creation care can actually draw them closer to God. Each devotion includes a Scripture verse, a “Connection” section to help kids apply both the biblical and environmental lessons, and a “What Can I Do?” section with a takeaway activity. Jokes and fun facts are also included throughout the devotion to make this book fun, informative, and interesting to readers.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Tyndale House Publishers.

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