Monday, July 19, 2010

Between God & Me by Vicki Courtney {GIVEAWAY!}

Between God and Me: A Journey through Proverbs image Between God and Me: A Journey through Proverbs by Vicki Courtney

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This is a very colorful and eye-catching book for older girls and young teens. This journey through Proverbs is interactive and on a level that and 8 to 12 year old can most likely grasp quickly.

I like the casual layout that can be read in big or small portions and has the feel of a magazine. The quizzes and interactive cause girls to think about what they just read and learned. And of course the design is great and will make any girl want to sit down and read!

However, I have a few cautions. There were a few places where Vicki talked about a passage and I did not entirely agree with her explanation on that verse. The second caution I have with this book is that in my opinion the content is older than what the targeted audience is. I would not be letting my 8 year old daughter read this, but I would let my 12 or 13 year old read it. At the same time, I'm not sure your 13 & 14 year old would really like it because it's design (pictures, etc...) are definitely geared for younger girls.

This is a great concept and I like the book overall, but it is one that needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for each girl looking to buy and read this book.


Vicki Courtney speaks timeless truth to school-age girls in a modern language they understand. Her TeenVirtue and TeenVirtue: Confidential releases won ECPA Christian Book Awards while Between (for ages 8 to 12) landed on the industry’s young adult best seller list. Now, Between God and Me hits the “tween” scene with social talk that’s rooted in chapter-by-chapter wisdom from Proverbs. Amidst the cool, magazine-style photographs and colorful Q&A’s, kids will discover what’s not so cool about hanging with the wrong crowd, gossiping, being lazy or selfish, or having a bad temper. Girls will have all kinds of fun as they begin to understand that God has a greater purpose for their lives—even at this age.

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If you think this book would be a match for a girl in your life, please leave a comment to be entered into the drawing for a copy of this book!

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  1. I have received this book to review, as well. Thank you for your review about it as we haven't started it with my 9 year old yet and I will be careful and wise about what is read with her!!! :)

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