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Christy: Midnight Rescue, The Proposal, Christy’s Choice

Christy Collection Books 4-6: Midnight Rescue, The Proposal, Christy's Choice (Catherine Marshall's Christy Series)image My rating: 4 of 5 stars


C. Archer has done a wonderful job of adapting the book Christy by Catherine Marshall into something easy to read for younger children. This audio version by Oasis Audio is read by the talented Jaimee Draper and will captivate the imagination of children 6 and up. Draper reads with drama and flair that add life to the characters and depth to the story.

This set of audio stories is a great way to introduce children to classic fiction. I would suggest that parents listen to them before allowing their children to since there may be parts or entire stories that are too scary for your child depending on their personality.

I enjoyed listening to these myself as they simplify and then dramatize to a greater depth the original story. They do sometimes add some variations that you will not find in Catherine's original book.


Midnight Rescue: Christy Huddleston, the new school teacher in Cutter Gap, thought her biggest problem was going to be choosing between the charming country doctor, Neil MacNeill, and the handsome minister, David Grantland. But Christy has more serious matters to deal with when her student Ruby Mae Morrison and the mission's runaway black stallion vanish in a furious storm. As Christy desperately searches for Ruby Mae in the cold, blinding rain, she runs headlong into three angry moonshiners bent on revenge against anyone who might try to stop their illegal activities. Can Christy survive this most terrifying test of her faith and courage?

The Proposal: Christy should be thrilled when David, the handsome minister, proposes marriage. So why do thoughts of Dr. MacNeill keep popping into her head? Before she can answer David, Christy is blinded in a terrible riding accident and all her dreams are threatened.

Christy's Choice: Christy screamed as the train broke from the track and plunged down the side of the mountain. When Christy is offered a chance to teach in her hometown, she faces a difficult decision. Will her train ride back to Cutter Gap be a journey home or a last farewell? In a moment of terror and danger, Christy must decide where her future lies.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Oasis Audio by the opinions expressed are my own.

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