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Christy: Stage Fright, Goodbye Sweet Prince, Brotherly Love

Christy Collection Books 10-12: Stage Fright, Goodbye Sweet Prince, Brotherly Love (Catherine Marshall's Christy Series)image My rating: 4 of 5 stars


C. Archer has done a wonderful job of adapting the book Christy by Catherine Marshall into something easy to read for younger children. This audio version by Oasis Audio is read by the talented Jaimee Draper and will captivate the imagination of children 6 and up. Draper reads with drama and flair that add life to the characters and depth to the story.

This set of audio stories is a great way to introduce children to classic fiction. I would suggest that parents listen to them before allowing their children to since there may be parts or entire stories that are too scary for your child depending on their personality.

I enjoyed listening to these myself as they simplify and then dramatize to a greater depth the original story. They do sometimes add some variations that you will not find in Catherine's original book.


Stage Fright: As Christy's students are preparing for a school play, she reveals her dream to act on stage. Little does she know that Dr. MacNeill's aunt is the artistic director of the Knoxville Theater. Before long, just as Christy is about to debut on stage, several mysterious incidents threaten both her dreams and her pride.

Goodbye, Sweet Prince: The whip cracked and the stallion reared up in pain. Christy cried in horror, "I've got to find a way to get Prince away from here!" Prince, the mission's stallion, has a cruel new owner. Christy and her students are heartsick. They desperately want to help Prince. But how? Is there a way their magnificent horse can be reclaimed?

Brotherly Love: George, Christy's younger brother, is charming and kind. But is he also a thief? Everyone is delighted when George visits Christy at the Cutter Gap Mission. But the delight ends when George reveals what he has been expelled from school for stealing. Can Christy summon the love and faith to help her brother do the right thing?

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Oasis Audio but the opinions expressed are my own.

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