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Fatal Convictions by Randy Singer {Giveaway!}

Fatal Convictionsimage My rating: 4 of 5 stars



There is not a dull moment nor a dull page in this easy reading, yet suspenseful book where the Christian faith and Muslim beliefs smash into each other in the defense of a murderer. Singer has written a wonderfully entertaining and fascinating story in this murder mystery and tucked in thoughts that will challenge your convictions along the way.

Fatal Convictions is a thick book but incredibly easy to read. I stayed up late to finish this book despite my eyes drooping with sleep just because it was that intriguing. I like how the chapters are short and self contained making it easy to read just a little bit here and there rather than having to have a chunk of time in order to feel like you grasp all the details.

The characters of this book are very real and it is easy to relate to their emotions through out the tangled trial they face. Singer writes enough history into the plot to make you understand the characters without being weighed down by too much detail. I appreciated how even the bad guys were written in a real dimension where I could at least understand and relate to their thoughts even if I did not agree.

Anyone who enjoys mystery, intrigue, and/or suspense will enjoy this book. I think those who normally don't read books like this - especially those where the plot is Christianity vs. Muslims - will find they actually enjoy this book because it weaves in much more to the plot than just Christianity vs. Muslim beliefs.

My only words of caution with this book is that there are several intense and gruesome scenes talking about the murders. I would advise parents to pre-read this book before letting a teen read it.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars! Enjoy the read!


Young attorney Alexander Madison spent his weekdays chasing personal-injury cases and his weekends chasing souls as pastor of South Norfolk Community Church in Virginia Beach . Granted, it was an odd pairing, but it had its benefits. For one thing, he could do hospital visitation and seek out new clients at the same time.

While visiting an elderly congregant, he meets Muslim imam Khalid Mobassar whose wife is battling a brain injury after a serious car accident. Sensing a multi-thousand dollar or more lawsuit, Alex and his partner, Shannon, take the case. But no sooner is the ink dry on the contract when a firestorm ensues. The wife of a prominent Muslim leader in Virginia Beach , who was rumored to have converted to Christianity, is beheaded. And Alex and Shannon’s client is accused of being the mastermind behind it.

Everything inside Alex tells him to flee—to turn the case over to experienced defense lawyers and remain focused on his personal injury clients. But deep down he and Shannon believe that Mobassar is innocent, and despite intense pressure from Alex’s church, national media attention, and overwhelming evidence in the hands of the prosecution against Mobassar, they decide to take on the biggest murder case Virginia Beach has ever seen.

As Alex and Shannon dig into the case, and the evidence begins to mount, they discover that things aren’t always what they seem. When the imam’s beautiful daughter arrives from Lebanon to help with the case, Alex finds himself torn between his developing interest in her and his obligation to his client.

When another former Muslim woman winds up dead in a baptistery in Los Angeles , it only confirms that a brutal assassin is still on the loose. And if Alex doesn’t watch his back, he might be next.


Randy Singer is a critically-acclaimed author and veteran trial lawyer. He has authored nine legal thrillers and one novella, including the 2003 Christy Award-winning Directed Verdict. In addition to serving as managing partner of the Singer Legal Group, and his writing, Randy serves as a teaching pastor for Trinity Church in Virginia Beach , VA , and is a professor at Regent University School of Law. More info at

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This review copy was provided courtesy of Side Door Communications in partnership with Tyndale House.  The opinions expressed above are my own and in now way were they influenced by anyone else.

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