Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Heart: Christ’s Home – Retold for Children by Robert Boyd Munger and Carolyn Nystrom

My Heart : Christ's Home Retold for Children Picture Bookimage My Heart : Christ's Home Retold for Children Picture Book by Robert Boyd Munger
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This brightly illustrated kid's book is a re-make of the classic booklet My Heart - Christ's Home and is just as wonderful.

I immediately was drawn to this book due it's bold colors and soft, yet realistic, pictures. The storyline catches your attention from the beginning and walks children through several days in the normal life of an elementary age child.

The story it's self is a picture of what it's like when Jesus lives in your heart. It illustrates how Jesus loves us, is there for us, and forgives our sin when we confess it to Him. My oldest really enjoyed the story, but my younger two - 5 & 3 - had a harder time making the connection with the allegory.

I highly recommend this book for older children - let's say 6-years-old and up - for it's great content and ability to start a conversation about Jesus living within your heart. As you read about Peter and see how Jesus is with him at home, at school, at play, at night...your children will grasp how Jesus is with them every moment, too.


This is Peter's amazing story of a week spent with Jesus.

He enjoys being with Jesus and sharing his activities with him. But then Peter is faced with a decision. Should he show Jesus the secret thing he has hidden in the closet?

Now children can read and understand the important message of the beloved booklet My Heart--Christ's Home in this retelling of Robert Boyd Munger's classic that has over ten million copies in print.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of IVP books but the opinions expressed are my own.

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