Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Gigi and the Royal Pink Circus DVD


imageimage MY RATING: 4 Stars


Gigi has become a well-loved character for both my 7-year-old and 5-year-old daughters.  And I have to admit that my 3-year-old son gets a kick out of the boys in the series, too!

Gigi and her “all-things-princess” attitude connects with my girls who love make-believe and princess.  However, this series is more than just about pink,, purple, frills, lace, and fancy stuff – it’s about being God’s little princess.  As a Mom I appreciate the message that little girls are not just some fashionable title of “Princess” as we see slapped on clothing for girls of all ages, but a treasured gem of God. 

This DVD sends that message big time as the first episode is about showing love towards others and then the second episode features the truth that our true beauty is found only in God.  I highly recommend this DVD and any of the 5 prior to it.  You and your daughters will not be disappointed.  And it would be something fun to show at a princess tea party or themed birthday party!

The running time on this is a little over 60 minutes total and is best for 8-year-olds and younger.


Two episodes in one DVD!

The Royal Pink Circus: Gigi and Frances are both excited to go see the traveling circus.  They’ve heard that it is the only circus in the world with princess tightrope walkers and pink tigers. Well, that last part may or may not have been accurate. The girls learn that getting everything 'right' is not as important as showing love and caring for our friends.

The Princess Hair ‘Do: Gigi sees a TV special about a princess from another country who has short hair and decides that getting her hair cut short will make her both gorgeous and more princess-y.  Ever get a haircut you weren’t happy with?  In the end, Gigi learns that beauty is only skin-deep and that, no matter what, she is still a princess in God's eyes.

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This review copy was provided by Tommy Nelson, but the opinions expressed are strictly that of my own.

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