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Hollow: An Unpolished Tale by Jena Morrow

Hollow: An Unpolished Taleimage Hollow: An Unpolished Tale by Jena Morrow
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Are you struggling to understand the mind of someone dealing with anorexia? Maybe it's your friend or possibly a family member.

Or maybe it's your own mind and body that has become a battleground for this possibly fatal war.

Whatever your reason for wanting to read Hollow, you will be captured by this poignant testimony and ongoing journey of Jena Morrow.

I appreciated the vulnerability and raw honesty with which Jena shares. The story she unfolds in this book helped me for the first time to gain even a fraction of understanding of why someone can and does turn to the eating disorder of anorexia. Jena does not try to make it appealing or glossy, but rather tells it as it was - to the best of her memory and ability. If you don't understand anorexia you will finish this book with a better grasp of what goes on in one's mind to lead them into such depths. Or if you know the struggle from first-hand experience, I think you will be encouraged by the life of someone who rose from the depths back to living a functioning life battling the ongoing temptations.

While this is a book that would not have grabbed me from the bookstore shelf to read - a classic case of don't judge a book by it's cover - I am thankful for reading this unpolished tale as Jena calls it. Even though I have not struggled with anorexia I walked away understanding how my mind believes other lies about my body and how Christ - and Christ alone - can set me free of those.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand anorexia better or needing the encouragement of someone else who has fought this battle.


Twenty nine years, 7 months, 14 days and the battle still rages…

Jena Morrow has an eating disorder. It can kill her. Jena Morrow has a Savior. He came to give her abundant life.

This is not a polished tale of victory but an honest, true story of fragility. Hollow recounts Jena’s daily struggle with anorexia and the God who is able and willing to reach down into the dirt. A central theme of Hollow is the surrender of control to Jesus Christ. His Word is interwoven throughout the story as rebuttals to the lies that besiege those engaged in any addiction.

In addition to her point of view, Jena includes those of her friends, family, and former therapists providing an undercurrent of hope.

Written in an easy conversational voice, Hollow will resonate with those in the midst of a struggle and those who stand beside them.

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