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A Mentor’s Fingerprint by Ann Griffiths & Donna Inglis {GIVEAWAY!}

A Mentor's Fingerprint: Leave a Mark. Make a Differenceimage A Mentor's Fingerprint: Leave a Mark. Make a Difference by Ann Griffiths
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It's become a buzz word of sorts in today's culture. In the secular world it's become known more as a "life coach", but whatever the title, more and more people desire to have one.

A Mentor's Fingerprint is a broad overview of what it means to mentor as well as a handbook for specific areas of being a mentor and/or mentee. It's an easy-read that will help you understand both the importance of mentoring as well as the key skills a mentor needs to continually hone.

I have read many books on mentoring and this one would probably rank on my "top 5 list" for being practical for someone wanting to know how to be a better mentor. In simple explanations and examples Donna & Ann highlight the importance of listening and asking questions and how you can become better at both.

At the end of each chapter there are questions that will help you connect what you have learned, apply it, and then think through it deeper. I appreciated the well balanced encouragement and help that these ladies have to offer.


Each of our lives is peppered with memories of people who made an impact on us—people who intentionally or unknowingly mentored us. In A Mentor’s Fingerprint, authors, Ann Griffiths and Donna Inglis, take you into their own personal mentoring experiences, invite you to reflect on the men and women who made a difference in your life, and challenge you to think about the kind of fingerprint you are leaving. Filled with real-life stories, guiding principles, and practical tools, this book will awaken the realization that we are all mentors, and will inspire, empower, and equip you to be an even more effective formal or informal mentor. If you want to know what mentoring can do in and through your life and what it means to be used by God to affect others for eternity, A Mentor’s Fingerprint will help you get there. If you want to intentionally come alongside others and feed into their lives, A Mentor’s Fingerprint is for you and your friends.

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  1. mentoring seems intimidating when it sounds intentional. But most people (especially church going people) find these type relationships without trying. Except maybe in more modern , relevant churches where the congregation is all the same age! Haha. Not meant as a negative, just saying....but in a more traditional setting and diverse group of people, I think we tend to find and gravitate toward people. Like titus says.

  2. Well, Cassandra! You got another book coming at you!


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