Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley

The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Churchimage The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church by Andrew Farley
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Reading this thought-provoking book by Andrew Farley stripped away some of the "religious" thoughts I have attached to the Gospel. He poked and probed around several scripture passages that I personally have never thought through but rather just taken for granted. Much of what he said was intriguing and helpful, but some left me still "chewing" to determine my own beliefs on particular parts. There were multiple chapters and portions I really enjoyed, but one of my favorites was when he dove into the official start of the New Testament and how that impacts our life.

The overall reading of the book is fairly deep, yet his style of writing is easy to read in that it's personal. You are not just reading heavy thoughts, but rather Farley's own testimony to a degree. I personally felt that the theme throughout the book was hard to follow and that each "Part" was like reading a mini book in of it's self. However, I still enjoyed this book despite the weak spots along the way. I would highly recommend this for a seasoned Christian who seems to be in a Christian bubble and would like to challenge the rut of his/her living.

My only caution is that this book needs to be read with great discernment. I am still unsure of how I think about certain thoughts that Farley addressed and I would not read this book with abandon, but with great contemplation and thoughts. Remember that this book is not the Gospel.


Jesus plus nothing. 100% natural. No additives. It’s the truth you may never hear in church. The Naked Gospel is a chapter-by-chapter assault on the churchy jargon and double talk of our day. It puts forth a message that is simple but life-changing. With a fresh take on Scripture and unapologetic style, The Naked Gospel will challenge you to re-examine everything you thought you already knew.

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