Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Warrior Prince for God by Kelly Chapman

A Warrior Prince for Godimage A Warrior Prince for God by Kelly Chapman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This book is recommended for ages 3 to 8 but there was no way my 3-year-old was going to sit through the entire reading of this book. While it has great pictures that are bright and fun, the storyline is just a little too long for the younger ages. However, for older boys - 5 to 7 - this might be the perfect book. It's baseball, warriors, knights and horses, and all about being a warrior for Christ.

A Warrior Prince For God takes the rough and tumble and gives it a purpose and a place in a little boy's life. And what boy won't like the dog named "Burpie"?! This story helps boys understand their purpose in life and how they can be strong warriors for the Lord.


“Once upon a real time there lived a boy named Luke. He dreamed of being a mighty warrior who was brave and courageous. But there was just one problem. He was afraid…”

In a lively story about baseball, camping, and facing your fears, author Kelly Chapman helps readers see that, no matter what they are afraid of, they can be strong in the Lord and in God’s mighty power. A Warrior Prince for God is all about finding out that a warrior prince is a Christian who lives a life worthy of his calling and enters into battles only when he is called, and then relying on God’s strength and not his own.

For ages 3 to 8 years

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This book was provided for review courtesy of the Harvest House Publishers but the opinions expressed are my own.

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