Friday, December 10, 2010

What Makes You Unique by C.J. Carleton

What Makes You Unique: Discover the Truth or Believe the Lieimage What Makes You Unique: Discover the Truth or Believe the Lie by C.J. Carleton
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This Bible study book is like a wonderful chat with a dear friend. C.J. makes teen girls who work their way through this book feel like they are her best friend as they dig into God's Word and learn more about the One who IS their best friend.

I really appreciated how this was more than just a "fill-in-the-blank" study guide. C.J. walks teen girls through some things in each chapter and then leaves them with a few probing questions and thoughts along with a passage to dig into. It's just the right amount of help with the right amount of challenge for a teen girl!

If you have a daughter, granddaughter, or know a girl between 13 and 18 I would recommend you consider this book as your next gift for her!


Why am I here? What is God’s plan for my life? Why did God make me the way I am? These are questions that everyone asks at some point in life, but especially teenagers. The teen years are a roller coaster---friends, boys, peer pressure, parents---where do you turn?
This book is written especially for teen girls who are searching for answers about life: girls who struggle with the desire to be themselves and the fear of being different. In particular, it is for Christian girls who want to know how to be unique in a world that praises conformity and who want to be Christ-like in a culture that is quick to label Christian teens as self-centered snobs or geeks.

Join Cj Carleton for a heart-to-heart talk about what it means to be a young Christian woman in today’s world. She draws from Scripture, her personal experiences growing up, and her years of working with teen girls just like you to help you build a firm foundation for your life in the truth of Christ and the Word of God. Let her challenge you through journaling and self-discovery. Get ready to learn about yourself and fulfill God’s purpose for His unique creation---you!

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This review copy was provided courtesy of C.J. Carleton and the opinion expressed is my own. You can buy a copy of this book through her blog.

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