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Without A Word by Jill Kelly

Without a Wordimage Without a Word by Jill Kelly
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I grew up in NY and the Buffalo Bills were "my" team. I even went to got my Jim Kelly trading card autographed one time when I was about 12! So it was with great interest that I listened to this audio book.

First of all I really enjoyed the fact that Jill Kelly read her own book. The vocal expression was wonderful and it was easier to listen to knowing that how she said what she said, was how she meant it. I also enjoyed hearing the voices of Jim, Erin, and Cameron as well.

Jill - and the whole family, really - were so open and vulnerable in this book and their story is amazing! It's a testament to God's amazing love and goodness. I was touched by their honesty, inspired by their passion, and encouraged by their journey to the Savior.

If you want to more about the Kelly family or just simple want a good biography to listen to, this is a perfect one to select.


“Your son has been diagnosed with a fatal genetic disease called Krabbe Leukodystrophy. There is no treatment and no cure. I will do everything I can to help your son. But the disease has already progressed so fast that I don’t think he will live to see his second birthday.” With these words, pro football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and his wife, Jill, were catapulted from a seemingly fairy-tale life of celebrity into a world of private struggle and medical uncertainty. What the public didn’t know, however, was that behind the scenes lurked more than a family’s pain at the dire prognosis of their only son. Hunter’s illness exposed the troubled depths of a marriage that had long been shadowed by uncertainties of its own. For eight years the future was unwritten, with Hunter defying all medical odds and his parents pursuing every means to save his life. Meanwhile, Jim and Jill’s marriage continued to fail yet was held together only by their love for their kids and their determined hope for Hunter. Though Hunter’s illness prevented him from ever speaking a word, his will and unconditional love spoke volumes to his family and all who knew him. And in time, the light of Hunter’s silent, all-too-brief life shone into the darkened corners of Jim and Jill’s lives, leading them to authentic faith, a restored relationship, and the establishment of a foundation that is reaching other families with terminally ill children around the world. Without a Word transparently shares it all: The heartbreaking moments . . . and those Jill would love to relive. Moments that add up to a time filled with unimaginable pain . . . and indescribable joy. Moments that silently transformed the hearts of every member of her family . . . and changed their lives forever. Moments that may even change your heart and life, too.


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  1. Great review, Mandy, very informative! Thanks!


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