Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews

imageimageTell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled by Amy Lynn Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Simple. Short. Easy. Practical. Hands-on. Inspiring. Helpful.

As an organization freak I can honestly say I have read dozens of books on time management. And I have even read many books about reading books about time management. Yes...I have issues! However, setting my "issues" aside, I must say that THIS book is the BEST book I have ever read about the topic of, solution to, and aid for time management.

Hands down. Without a doubt.

It is short and sweet - only 30 pages! - and it's extremely simple. So simple that it only took me 3 hours to read the book, print off the four resource/tool pages, and complete the action steps. I really liked how I could fill out the downloadable worksheets as I read through the book making it all one smooth process. This book sticks to the basic principles and breaks them down into four easy and manageable steps. There are no long chapters waxing eloquently about what we should do, but rather step-by-step instruction, encouragement, and personal example of what to do. Whether you are a fellow "freak" like myself, or someone who hates time management, you will be encouraged and enabled by this book to become more managed in your time.

I highly recommend and challenge you to put down the big, thick books you're reading and pick-up this short book and see some results! Find your freedom in time!

You can purchase your own copy through Amy’s website or through Amazon.com.

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