Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Bare Facts by Josh McDowell

The Bare Facts: 39 Answers to Questions Your Parents Hope You Never Ask About SeximageThe Bare Facts: 39 Answers to Questions Your Parents Hope You Never Ask About Sex by Josh McDowell
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Informative. Biblical. Sobering. Straight-forward. Honest.

This book is an open look at sex from multiple aspects through a Biblical lens. It answers 39 questions that most teens probably wonder about but never have the courage to ask their parents about. Quite honestly, there are parts of this book that I would be hesitant in talking about with my teens!

I really appreciate the Biblical framework of this book and the honest way McDowell approaches each question. I walked away from this book being amazed at the perfect way in which God created us and how blessed and purely delightful sex is when kept in God's context. However, it's also a sobering look at the hardships produces by sex outside of God's plan. The Bare Facts covers purity, STDs, what love really is, premarital sex and it's impact, masturbation, sexual addiction, God's forgiveness, and much more. I would highly recommend all parents to read this book so you are prepared to answer questions. And really, all married adults would benefit from reading this book. While it is written for teens, I highly recommend it being older teens and encouraged each parent to use caution and discernment based on what your teen already knows. And it should go without saying, read it before they read it!

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This review copy was provided for review courtesy of Moody Publishers through NetGalley, but the opinion expressed is my own.

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