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One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You AreimageOne Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp
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Stick with me okay?

I began reading this book about 5 months ago via the audio format from Audible downloaded to my Kindle. I listened to the first chapter and never touched the book again. I had heard rave reviews and chatter from bloggers and non-bloggers both about how this book changed their perspective and what a wonderful author Ann Voskamp is. However, I just could not get into it and the first few pages had me loosing focus and interest. It felt wordy and drawn out and frankly, I just couldn't see the point clearly enough.


Yes, however, I picked it back up because I knew there had to be something good in there that I was missing. After all, not every book has an app to go along with it! So I once again plugged it in and this time confined myself to baking for a whole day while I listened to this book being read by the author.

I am not quite sure why this happens, but at times there is just "a right time" to read a certain book and until that time arrives one just never appreciates such a book. This was finally the "right time" because this time I found myself absorbed into the flowing words and vivid descriptions of ordinary moments in life that - seen through the lens of grace - were extraordinary, life altering moments.

While the book could be so much shorter, and the point a lot more clearer at the outset, it would be too easily read and forgotten - leaving no lasting impact and thoughts to ponder. It was a challenge to get into at first but quickly became pure enjoyment. The more I read the more I was encouraged, challenged, convicted, delighted, overwhelmed, and in awe. Ann Voskamp paints a beautiful picture of what it is like to live in every moment - what we deem good and bad - with a heart that seeks God's gifts to us. She strips us of our idea of "good gifts" and invites us and walks with us on a journey to see every moment as a gift from God.

I feel like no words I possibly write could do justice to describing this book. At first if felt like a hard read, but now I stand at the back cover realizing it was hard because sometimes life is hard and yet there is a deep beauty that comes from hard things.

One Thousand Gifts is a perfect read for anyone no matter what your stage or phase of life is. We all need to be dared to live life more fully right where we are.

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