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From One Ministry Wife To Another by Susie Hawkins

From One Ministry Wife to Another: Honest Conversations About Connections in Ministry image From One Ministry Wife to Another: Honest Conversations About Connections in Ministry by Susie Hawkins

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The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this book is: "Don't judge a book by it's cover". Honestly, while I knew it had to be a fairly good book for Moody to publish it, I looked at the cover and was not really drawn to this book. In fact, even though the first chapter is really good, I still wasn't sure about this book. But as I read on, the more and more I came to appreciate this wonderful encouragement and resource that Susie Hawkins has written for ministry wives.

Hawkins deals with the typical topics that you expect in a book for pastor's wives and then pushes on to probe deeper, challenge harder, and encourage excitedly. I was really impressed with her simple, yet direct, approach to talking about the philosophy and theology of the wife working outside the home. I enjoyed the historical look into the position of a pastor's wife and the wonderful examples she brought to my attention. And I just can't get over how she constantly talked about our example and the way she brought this aspect into every chapter and facet of living as a pastor's wife. She not only talked about the importance of our example, but gave much encouragement and inspiration through the examples of pastor's wives who have been such godly examples themselves. I feel like I have a whole new circle of friends after reading this book and the accounts of other women who are farther along in the journey than I am.

From One Ministry Wife to Another is broken into three sections: The Connections, The Disconnects, The Reconnection. Each of these sections was very beneficial, but I really enjoyed The Disconnects and the topics it addressed in a real life manner with a Biblical view point.

This book is real and refreshing and needs to be a "to-read" for all pastor's wives!


When a church hires a new minister, they are really hiring both him and his wife. Many women entering this role for the first time have never considered what it means to be a minister’s wife and consequently suffer stress, chaos, and confusion. In order to thrive, she needs a solid understanding of the biblical teaching on her role and how to best serve her husband as he fulfills his role.


Susie Hawkins brings thirty years of experience as a minister’s wife coupled with her role as the mother of two ministry wives. By focusing on key relationships and responsibilities in relation to the church and home, Susie guides young women to a greater understanding of how to serve God faithfully as the wife of a minister.

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This review copy has been provided courtesy of Moody Publishers.

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