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This Little Prayer Of Mine by Anthony DeStefano (GIVEAWAY!)

This Little Prayer of Mine image This Little Prayer of Mine by Anthony DeStefano

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This Little Prayer of Mine is a simple child's book about prayer; a prayer from the perspective of two children as they go through a day in their life. They ask God to help them not be afraid, to not be sad, to turn to God for help, to forgive them of wrong, and more. It is a sweet introduction to prayer for children.

This book is beautifully written in poetry, but still flows well enough to be an easy-read book without sounding silly. I like the simple words and situations that are easy for kids to understand and relate to. The only caution I have for the book is that it addresses some things a little weakly with "soft words" rather than directly saying "forgive me for my sin". However, on the other side of that perspective is that it does put it into words that a child should be able to understand and that can lead into a deep conversation with your child. As long as you use this book for more than Christianized entertainment I think it is an excellent book for children.

In writing my review I would be wrong in not mentioning how beautiful and wonderfully adorable the illustrations are. They are realistic yet fun all at the same time. This is truly a very sweet and tender book about prayer.


Author Anthony DeStefano’s adult books, The Prayers God Always Says Yes To and A Travel Guide to Heaven, have sold a quarter-million copies. Illustrator Mark Elliott’s cherished artwork has appeared in popular picture books and novels for young readers, including Gail Carson Levine’s ever-popular Princess Tales series.

Now, these acclaimed inspirational experts have come together to create This Little Prayer of Mine, a beautiful and alluring book designed to guide children into a very simple, real and expressive relationship with God.

Through engaging rhymes and alluring illustrations, This Little Prayer of Mine shows children—and their parents and grandparents—that complete dependence on God is what brings peace and fulfillment. It invites children to know and believe that God is always just a simple prayer away and that He longs to respond to them with a resounding, “Yes!”

This Little Prayer of Mine appeals to readers from all different faiths. Easy-reader format allows children to read alone, or with someone older, and encourages them to openly express their fears, thanks, and needs directly to God.


Anthony DeStefano is the author of The Prayers God Always Says Yes To and A Travel Guide to Heaven. He has received prestigious awards from religious organizations worldwide for his efforts to advance Christian beliefs in modern culture.

Mark Elliott’s brilliant illustrations have appeared in popular picture books and novels for young readers, including Gail Carson Levine’s Princess Tales series. His acclaimed artwork delivers inspiration, wonder, and timeless beauty on every page.

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This review copy was provided courtesy of WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.  You can purchase this book at

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I have one (1) giveaway copy to give to one lucky reader! 

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Congratulations to the winner – Heather of Traveling Down The Tracks Of Life With D & H – on winning this book!  Thanks to everyone who participated with me!

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